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Freedom to Learn

We offer all of our courses for free, and most of our tools are free as well. All you need is an account.

At Intelligent Education, our mission is to educate the world. To us that means if you show up, nothing should stand in your path to learn.


Have you ever wondered how the British thought about the American Revolution? Or how to view history through the lens of theater arts?


Discover the incredible inner workings of the cell, or explore the immense global system that controls our weather. Science learning with IE is more engaging with 3D models.

Language Arts

Want to be a better writer? These IE courses are designed to help you become a better reader, better interpreter of writing, and even reach the goal of becoming a better writer.


Art is essential to life, and understanding our world through art is just as essential. IE Courses explore history, impact, and influence of art.


How healthy are you digitally? Or are you interested in becoming a lawyer? Humanities with IE allow your interests to be explored deeper.


Our AP Calculus award-winning professor has a 100% AP test pass rate. Mathematics with IE sets you on the path to success.

We are all learning, all the time

With over 30 courses, IE has a depth of learning in almost every area.  From arts to sciences, our mission is to prepare well rounded, deep-thinking citizens of the world today.

Learn by Doing

Enable learning, empower curiosity, and bring learners into contact with expert teachers, interactive 3D models, micro-lecture courses, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality experiences, and more.

Courses taught by college professors and professionals give your
students an edge

Intelligent Education finds professors and professionals to teach our courses.  You’re receiving top-tier education from industry leaders, leading researchers, and forward-thinking educators.

Jed Macosko, Instructor

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