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At Intelligent Education, our mission is to educate the world.  To us that means if you show up, nothing should stand in your path to learn.

We offer all of our courses for free, and most of our tools are free as well.  All you need is an account.


With over 30 courses, IE has a depth of learning in almost every area.  From arts to sciences, our mission is to prepare well rounded, deep-thinking citizens of the world today.

Active Learning

Do more than watch lectures, interact!  Our dynamic course player presents impressive 3D objects to touch, turn, and explore.

The 3D objects  illustrate your lesson, and stunning 2D art is curated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

History of Theater Arts

Explore story forms, theatrical roles, a critical survey of theater history, and much more. You’ll not only learn to understand concepts surrounding the world of theater, but also gain a greater appreciation of its history.

Introduction to Biology

Starting with the basic hierarchies of types of organisms and moving all the way to Ecosystems, this course covers the essentials of biology.

The American Revolution

Have you ever wondered how the British thought about the American Revolution? Often, American history only includes the perspective from modern-day Americans–History is written by the victors, after all. But many stories you’ve never heard led to the outcome we know today.

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