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Rainer Rene Graf Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden

Rainer Rene Graf Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden (born 1948 in Wartaweil, Bavaria as Rene Freiherr von Godin) is a former German lawyer best known for founding the Bund deutscher Legionäre , the Christliche Vereinigung zur Familienförderung (English:Christian association for family development), an agency dealing with the adoption of unborn babies and a business in dealing with organ donation. He also operated a number of other business entities, like the Der Wettbewerbsbeobachter (English:The competition monitor) and the Zentralkomitee für die Allgemeinbefolgung obergerichtlicher Rechtssprechung in Wettbewerbssachen, both targeting small businesses who made small clerical errors in advertisement by "fining" them or taking them to court for violating Competition law.(source)

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