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Jürgen Schreiber

For the German journalist, see Jürgen Schreiber (journalist)\nJürgen Schreiber (born 1962) is a German-born businessman. He is the CEO of Rexall Health Prior to joining Katz Group, Schreiber served for four years as President and CEO of Edcon Group, the largest non-food retailer in South Africa, with 1,400 stores and approximately 20,000 employees across Africa. Previously he was CEO and President of Shoppers Drug Mart Corp., also known as "Pharmaprix" in the Quebec province, from March 30, 2007 until his resignation on January 26, 2011. Schreiber joined Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in June 2001. Schreiber was replaced by David M. Williams, the Chairman of the board of Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation, as Interim President & Chief Executive Officer after his resignation was announced.(source)

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