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Announcing Magnifying the Universe, Our Stunning New Visual Encyclopedia, Now Free

Magnifying the UniverseTM is a passion project for the Intelligent Education and Academic Influence Team. A visual encyclopedia concept inspired by the classic Eames Brothers' video 'The Powers of Ten, ' the idea is to create a high-definition visual experience of the power of scale, both to the macro and micro extremes.

"Magnifying the Universe dynamically illustrates the sizes of objects that range from insects to stars, molecules to nebulae, with a rich variety that continues to grow."

Read the full Press Release here.

Other than the great visual content drawn from stunning Hubble Space Telescope photographs, classical art and design images, and high quality 3D model design, we had fun with adding in models of Minecraft World and the Star Wars' Death Star to scale.

The great news about this project is that the encyclopedia is a living project, and models and images will continue to be added as we discover them!

What should the next addition to the encyclopedia be? Get back to us in the comments!

Explore and share Magnifying the Universe here.



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