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Aaron Hawkins

American engineer


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Aaron Roe Hawkins is an American engineer known for his work in optofluidics. He is a professor and chair in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Brigham Young University.Education and career Hawkins was born in Rehoboth, New Mexico. He received his B.S. degree from the California Institute of Technology in applied physics in 1994, and went on to the University of California, Santa Barbara for his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering, which he completed in 1998. His dissertation, Silicon-Indium-Gallium-Arsenide Avalanche Photodetectors, was supervised by John E. Bowers. He held several jobs in industry before moving to Brigham Young in 2002.

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Brigham Young University

Private research university in Provo, Utah, United States

University of California, Santa Barbara

Public university near Goleta, California, United States and part of the University of California system

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