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Adrian Ioviță

Romanian-Canadian mathematician


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Adrian Ioviță is a Romanian-Canadian mathematician, specializing in arithmetic algebraic geometry and p-adic cohomology theories.Education Born in Timișoara, Romania, Iovita received in 1978 his undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Bucharest. He worked as a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, obtaining a Ph.D. degree in 1991 from the University of Bucharest with thesis On local classfield theory written under the direction of Nicolae Popescu. He received in 1996 a doctorate in mathematics from Boston University. His doctoral thesis there was supervised by Glenn H. Stevens; the thesis title is p-adic Cohomology of Abelian Varieties.

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Concordia University

University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

University of Bucharest

University in Romania

University of Washington

Public research university in Seattle, Washington, United States

Boston University

Private research university in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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