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According to Wikipedia, Agnes Mary Sanford was an American Christian writer. She is most known for founding the Inner Healing movement, a process she described as the healing of memories. Education Agnes attended the Shanghai American School as a teenager before leaving to the United States to attend Peace College, a Presbyterian women's college in Raleigh, NC. After three years there, she received her certificate in education. Since the teaching certification only allowed her to teach in North Carolina, she then applied and was accepted at Agnes Scott College in Georgia. She planned on receiving her bachelor's degree, but after learning she would be required to take courses in math, science, and French, she switched to a non-degree "special" student so she could take additional courses in writing, poetry, and art during her final year. She finished in 1919 and returned to China where she taught English at the Presbyterian mission station before teaching at St. Mary's School in Shanghai and then the Soochow Academy, both Episcopal schools in Shanghai. It was at the latter that she met and married her husband, Edgar Sanford.

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