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A. J. Steigman

American chess player and businessman


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Allen "A. J." Steigman is an American entrepreneur, chess player, and former investment banker. Steigman is currently CEO of Steignet.com.Biography Steigman was born in Orlando, Florida, but grew up in Coral Springs, Florida. Steigman, a childhood prodigy, was an international chess champion, and one of the best chess players in the United States. He attended University School of Nova Southeastern University for high school. In high school, Steigman contracted Lyme Disease and almost died. He had to take a year off from school. He credits chess in helping his mind recover from the disease. Steigman went on to win in the 2002 US Junior Open one year after being diagnosed.

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Emory University

Private research university in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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