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Alex Cormack

American comic book illustrator


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Alex Cormack , is an American comic book illustrator. He has best known for his work on the "Oxymoron" series from ComixTribe and "I Play the Bad Guy" from Bliss on Tap Publishing.Bibliography Comics The Further Adventures of the Cat From Outer Space "Eldorado" , The Poe Twisted Anthology, written by Sherezada Windham-Kent "Tell Tale Cat" , The Poe Twisted Anthology, Red Stylo Media"Dolly" , Hellbound 2 Anthology, written by Lidnsay Moore Doons: The Need to Bleed , written by Stephen LindsayMommy Where do Frightmares Come From? , written by Joey Esposito"The Hamelin Murders" , The Shakespeare Shaken Anthology, Red Stylo Media "Nearly Perfect" , The Oxymoron Anthology Vic Boone: Cause for Combustion , written by Scott R. SchmidtTales from the Abyss 3: Turnover , written by Jared MooreRedneck , written by James M. ClarkVic Boone: The Fly Who Loved Me , written by Shawn Aldrige"Hammered" , Scamthology, written by John Lees I Play the Bad Guy Future Proof "The Invisible Man" , The Killer Queen Anthology, written by James M. ClarkFind , written by Sam Read Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare , written by Tyler James and John LeesForgotten Souls of Bay Path #1 Written by Jack KennaHardcore Akan #1 Written by Ilya Naishuller, Brian Phillipson, and Will StewartKilling Hope #1 Written by Josh Barbee and Marlon MaloneCrossing Written by Enrica JangStain the Seas Scarlet Written by Ryan K LyndsaySink Written by John LeesRed Dog #3-#6 Written by Rob Cohen and Andi EwingtonTrain 8: The Zombie Express Written by David Stephan and Marysol LevantWeed Magic Written by Brian Phillipson and Jordan LichtmanUgly Dolls Written by Brian Phillipson

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