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Alexa Woodward

American singer-songwriter


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Alexa Woodward is an American indie/folk singer and songwriter.Early life Alexa Woodward was born in the state of Alabama, but later on moved with her family to be raised in South Carolina and Virginia. She attended college at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts and was a law student for three years in New York City. She made the transition into music after finding an old banjo her father, documentary film maker Stan Woodward, had bought but had never taken much interest in. In an interview, she spoke of the moment of inspiration saying , "It really wasn't until I found the banjo that I got serious about it. I was home one Christmas and I found this banjo under the bed. I just started playing it and fell in love with it." The banjo's make was a Gibson from the early 1960s, and Woodward describes it as her main instrument she writes on "exclusively".

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Gordon College

Private Christian college in Massachusetts, USA