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Alistair Johnston

Canadian soccer player


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Alistair Johnston is a Canadian professional soccer player who plays for Major League Soccer club Nashville SC.Early life Johnston was born in Vancouver to a Canadian father and Northern Irish mother from Newtownards. His family moved to Montreal when he was four, where he began playing soccer with Lakeshore SC. The family again moved to Aurora, Ontario when he was seven. He made his debut in the Canadian youth program at an under-18 camp in 2015, when he was 16. He played youth soccer with ANB Futbol, and earned a tryout with French club Troyes AC while there. In 2015, he joined Vaughan SC, helping them win the 2015 U-18/U-19 Disney Soccer Showcase as well as the 2015 OYSL U-18 League title.

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St. John's University

University in New York City, New York, United States

Wake Forest University