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According to Wikipedia, Clarence Alvin Bowman is an American academic and former President of Illinois State University . He was trained in, and still teaches upper-level classes in, speech pathology. Bowman, an African-American, received a bachelor's degree in speech pathology from Augustana College in 1975, a Master's in speech-language pathology from Eastern Illinois University in 1976 and a PhD in speech and hearing science at University of Illinois in 1979. He started his academic career with ISU in 1978 as a faculty member in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology and in 1994 he was appointed chair of the department, as well as director of Down Syndrome Speech-Language Clinic. In 2002, Bowman left the chair position to serve as Illinois State's interim provost. He was named President of ISU in March 2004 following a vote by the Board of Trustees.

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