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Amanda E. Peele

African/American biologist and activist


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Amanda Eunice Cheatham was an American biologist. She was the first woman of color to deliver a research paper to the Virginia Academy of Science, having done so in 1939.Early life and education Amanda E. Peele was born on January 10, 1903 in Jackson, North Carolina. A 1923 graduate of Northampton County Training School, Peele earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Hampton Institute in 1930. After winning a fellowship from the General Education Board, she earned a Master of Science degree from Cornell University in 1934. Her thesis, entitled Floral anatomy of Trapa natans, was a study of water caltrops. At Cornell, Peele studied under Arthur Johnson Eames, William J. Hamilton, Jr., and Albert Hazen Wright.

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Hampton University

Historically black university in Virginia

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