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According to Wikipedia, Anna Chao Pai is an American geneticist and professor emerita at Montclair State University. Biography Anna Chao was born in Beijing, China. Her maternal grandfather was the Northeast China-based warlord Zhang Zuolin, who was assassinated by the Japanese in 1928. Following the Japanese invasion of Northeast China in 1931, Chao's parents fled the region, first to Beijing where she was born, and then to the United States. They would make only one more visit to China together as a family, in 1939, and after the Communists won the Chinese Civil War in 1949, her parents had no further desire to return to their country of birth. She herself would finally re-visit the country first in 1985 and then in 1988, accompanying her husband on business trips, then finally on a family trip to Shenyang and other sites important to her family in 2005.

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