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Anthony Cohen

British anthropologist


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Anthony Cohen, CBE, FRSE is a British social anthropologist.Cohen was born in London in 1946. Educated at Whittingehame College, Brighton, the University of Geneva and the University of Southampton, he is a social anthropologist with specialist interests in personal, social and national identity. He conducted fieldwork in Springdale, Newfoundland on local-level politics; and in Whalsay , the longest sustained study of a rural British community ever undertaken. He then did research on personal and national identity in Scotland, and on the literary influences on Scottishness.

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University of Manchester

Public research university in Manchester, England

Queen Margaret University


Victoria University of Manchester

British university

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Public university located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

University of Geneva

Public research university located in Geneva, Switzerland

University of Southampton

Research university located in Southampton, United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh

Public research university in Edinburgh, Scotland

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