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According to Wikipedia, Apolline de Malherbe is a French broadcast journalist who is a presenter on the 24-hour rolling news and weather channel BFM TV. Biography Education After studying the humanities, de Malherbe completed a MAS in social politics at Sciences Po, along with a master's degree in public service. She put her MAS degree to use by analysing politicians who appeared in the television programmes of Marc-Olivier Fogiel and Thierry Ardisson. A politically left-wing woman, she supported the presidential candidacy of Jean-Pierre Chevènement in 2002. During this campaign, Apolline de Malherbe was a member of the pôle républicain group, which worked to criticise republican policy, and included people of various political parties and viewpoints who all supported the candidacy of Jean-Pierre Chevènement. The group was chaired by writer Max Gallo, and had the following notable members: Natacha Polony, Karim Zéribi, Paul-Marie Couteaux, Élisabeth Lévy, Rémy Auchedé and Bertrand Renouvin, who founded the French political movement Nouvelle Action Royaliste.

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