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Arun Kumar Basak

Scientist and physicist of Bangladesh


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Arun Kumar Basak is a Bangladeshi physicist. He is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics, University of Rajshahi.Early life and education Basak was born in Radhanagor of Pabna town, Bengal Presidency, British India to parents Haripada Basak and Usha Rani Basak. Basak matriculated in 1957 securing First Division from R.M. Academy. He secured the second position in the merit list in the Intermediate Science Examination held under University of Rajshahi in 1959 from Edward College. He was placed in First Class with the first position in the B.Sc. examination from Rajshahi College in 1961. In M.Sc. Examination from University of Rajshahi, he obtained the first position in first class and was awarded an RU Gold medal.

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University of Birmingham

University in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

University of Rajshahi

Second Largest University of Bangladesh

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