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According to Wikipedia, Ashok K. Vijh, is an Indian born Canadian chemist. He was born in Punjab but moved to Canada in 1962. Elected to The Royal Society of Canada in 1985, he was president of The Academy of Scienceof The Royal Society of Canada , and, per office, a vice-president of The Royal Society of Canada. He is an electrochemist of international stature who has published over 400 refereed papers and eight books on various areas of interfacial electrochemistry, including on electrochemical treatment of cancerous tumours. His work has been recognized by the award of over 60 distinctions: prizes, medals, decorations, fellowships, honorary doctorates, academy memberships and membership in international editorial boards. His research contributions have been recognized by his peers in the areas of chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and energy science. He has also made notable published contributions to the philosophy of science, science and ethics, creativity in science and its inhibition, intellectual roots of innovation, science policy, and science as culture. Some of his recent work has also explored the theoretical connections between immunology and cancer, and the theory and experimental work on the electrochemical treatment of solid cancerous tumours.

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