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According to Wikipedia, Austin Ellsworth Cofrin was an American industrialist that founded the Fort Howard Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Life Cofrin was born in Bradford, New Hampshire, in 1883, to Paige Cofrin and Alfaretta Ward Cofrin. At age 13, Cofrin worked his family's farm after his father's death where he cultivated a strong work ethic that influenced a prosperous career. By age 16 Cofrin worked away from home and gained employment at a paper mill as a coating machine helper. After working a few years at various paper mills on the East Coast, Cofrin moved to Green Bay. His first job in Green Bay was at the Northern Paper Mill, where he worked as a supervisor. After working at the Northern Paper Mill, Cofrin and a few other employees of the mill started their own business. The mill was a small paper company that was known as the Fort Howard Corporation. In 1924 he was granted a patent for making crepe paper. Cofrin was president of the Fort Howard Corporation until his retirement in 1960, when his son John P. Cofrin took over the position. Cofrin died in 1980 at the age of 96.

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