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Avetik Isahakyan

Soviet poet


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Avetik Sahak Isahakyan was a prominent Armenian lyric poet, writer and public activist.Biography Isahakyan was born in Alexandropol in 1875. He was educated at the Kevorkian seminary in Echmiadzin, and later at the University of Leipzig, where he studied philosophy and anthropology. He started his literary as well as political careers in his early youth. Upon his return from Leipzig in 1895 he entered the ranks of the newly established Alexandropol committee of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Through his activities he supported armed groups and financial aid sent to Western Armenia from Alexandropol. He was arrested in 1896 and spent a year in Yerevan’s prison.

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University of Zurich

University in Switzerland

Gevorgian Seminary

Theological school-college in Armenia

Leipzig University

University in Leipzig, Germany

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