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According to Wikipedia, Marguerite Beverley Stone became Purdue University's first Dean of Students in 1974, and the first woman to hold a position of this kind at a Big Ten university. Stone began her twenty-four-year career at Purdue in 1956 as an Assistant Dean of Women. In 1968 she succeeded Helen B. Schleman as Purdue's Dean of Women. During the 1960s Stone supported a new requirement appointed students to Purdue's faculty committees. When the Dean of Women and Dean of Men offices were combined in 1974, Stone succeeded Acting Dean Bryan Clemins to become Dean of Students. In addition to her administrative role at Purdue, Stone co-authored Counseling Women with her colleague, Barbara I. Cook. Stone was active in numerous professional and community organizations and a recipient of many honors and awards. She retired from Purdue in 1980; her successor as Dean of Students was Barbara I. Cook, one of her assistants. A sculpture honoring Stone and Cook was erected on Purdue's West Lafayette, Indiana, campus.

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