Bill Brennan

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Candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 2017

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According to Wikipedia, William J. Brennan, known as Bill Brennan, is a former firefighter, lawyer, gadfly and activist. He was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of New Jersey in the 2017 election. Background Brennan worked as a firefighter in Rochester, New Hampshire and became a Teaneck, New Jersey firefighter in April 1993. He was elected Secretary of Teaneck Firefighter's Association, Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association, Local #42 in 1993 and president in 1994. Brennan filed numerous lawsuits against Teaneck's government and fire officials regarding firehouse closures and other budget cuts, among other things, including harassment. Brennan won a $3 million judgment against left its fire department in 2006.

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