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Bill Pietsch

American businessman and politician


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William Herman Pietsch was an American businessman and politician.Pietsch was born in Casselton, North Dakota. He graduated from Lincoln High School in Casselton, North Dakota. He received bachelor's and master's degrees from North Dakota State University and his doctorate from the Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington, involving agricultural economics. He also attended the University of North Dakota. Pietsch worked as a business consultant. He also served in the North Dakota Air National Guard. He served in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 2001 until his resignation on December 16, 2002 because of health problems. He was a Republican. His wife Vonnie also served in the North Dakota Legislative Assembly. Pietsch died at Elm Care Center in Fargo, North Dakota from a series of strokes.

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University of North Dakota

Public university in North Dakota, United States of America

North Dakota State University

Research university

Washington State University

Public university in Pullman, Washington, USA