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According to Wikipedia, Birmania Ríos , is a Dominican American television news journalist. Birmania resided in New York until the age of four, when her family decided to relocate to Puerto Rico. She spent her adolescence and early adulthood on the island and upon finishing her studies and obtaining a degree in communications from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, she left Puerto Rico and relocated back to New York. Upon arriving in the city, she participated in productions with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, founded by the legendary Puerto Rican stage actress Miriam Colón. However, it was when she found employment as a publicist on a local Public-access television show, The Caribe Show, that opportunity came knocking. A chance to be in front of the cameras came about one day when the show's host was unable to host. After filling in during her absence, she won the producer's and audience's admiration, and then was permanently offered the job.

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