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Bobbie Moline-Kramer

American artist


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Bobbie Moline-Kramer is an American artist, lecturer, teacher, and illustrator. Her work includes Japanese Shunga style paintings, gestural abstraction, animal symbolism, and realism.Biography Moline-Kramer was born in Fort Madison, Iowa. Her interest in the professional art field developed after she took a course at a California Community College with the Conceptual Art pioneer John Baldessari and periodic work with Allan Kaprow. She attended Art Center College of Design and later transferred to California State University, Long Beach where she received her BFA with a double major in Biology and Illustration in 1981. Moline-Kramer has experimented with hyperrealism, mixed media experimentation, gestural abstraction, personal narrative, and deep art historical crate-digging. She was the president and chairman of the board of the Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles, and an adjunct professor at Cal State University Long Beach. Moline-Kramer's works are exhibited in Warner Brothers Studios, The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Institution, Carnegie Art Museum , John Kerr, and Long Beach Museum of Art. Moline-Kramer began collaborating with musician Geoff LevinMusical Brushstrokes" a project where they fuse music and art and turn it into a song.

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California State University, Long Beach

Public university in Long Beach, California, United States

ArtCenter College of Design

College in Pasadena, California, United States