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According to Wikipedia, Bobby G. Peters is a Superior Court judge in Columbus, Georgia. He is also the former mayor of Columbus. He was first elected mayor in 1994, after twelve years as a city councilor. In 1998, Peters became the first Columbus mayor to win re-election to a second term since consolidation. He in a field of six candidates, including a black minister and the president of the N.A.A.C.P., he won without a runoff and won every black precinct in the city, which demonstrated his appeal to a cross section of the community. He served as mayor for eight years, until 2002, when Robert Poydasheff was elected. As mayor, Peters also served as public safety director of the city in charge of the police department, fire department, EMS, E-911, Muscogee County Prison, and all non-public safety departments. His success was hiring the best, including a three-star general who was commander of Fort Benning, Georgia. Gen. Carmen Cavezza was requested by Peters to be his city manager, and he accepted. They had one of the best relationships in the history of the city as evidenced by eight great years without a tax increase and over a billion dollars of new investment in the city.

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