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American voice actress

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According to Wikipedia, Caitlynn French is an American voice actress known for her work on English adaptations of Japanese anime shows and films associated with Media Blasters and Sentai Filmworks. Some of her major voice roles include Shiro in No Game No Life, Tina Sprout in Black Bullet, Miyu Edelfelt in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Hana Isuzu in Girls und Panzer, Naru Sekiya in Hanayamata, Ai Astin in Sunday Without God, Matsurika Shinoji in Maria Holic, Chiaki Kurihara from Bodacious Space Pirates, Mei Tachibana in Say "I love you", Kanna Makino in Tamako Market, and Leviathan in Leviathan The Last Defense.

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