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Camellia Okpodu

American biochemist


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Camellia Moses Okpodu , is Professor of Biology and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Xavier University of Louisiana , New Orleans, LA. She was Professor and former Chair of Biology at Norfolk State University and the 2007–2008 American Council of Education Fellow. She was the second director of the DIA-designated Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence at Norfolk State University. Dr. Okpodu has recently accepted the position of Dean of the College of Arts and science at the University of Wyoming, which will begin in July 2021.

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Norfolk State University


Xavier University of Louisiana

Catholic university in the U.S state of Louisiana

North Carolina State University

Public research university in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Virginia Tech

University with the main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia

Elizabeth City State University

Public college in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States

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