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British Council regional director, China

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According to Wikipedia, Caroline Margaret Elliot is a British diplomat who director of the British Council's operation in China.Career Elliot studied Mandarin at Fudan University in Shanghai. She joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1987 and served in Peking, Brussels, Bonn, Paris, Madrid and at the FCO. She was Consul-General at Chongqing 2000–04, at Jeddah 2004–06 and at Shanghai 2006–10. She then left the FCO and from 2011 to 2013 was executive director of China's largest international NGO, the Half the Sky Foundation , which works with China's orphan children. She joined the British Council as the regional director for China in 2013. As the British Council director she holds the post of Minister at the British Embassy in Beijing.

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