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According to Wikipedia, Carolyn Slaughter is an English author now living in the United States. Her first novel The Story of the Weasel won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize in 1977, given to authors under the age of 40. Life Born in New Delhi, her father was a member of the Indian Imperial Police. The family left India in 1947 during the Partition and moved to Swaziland. Her father was then in the Colonial Service and they were posted to a remote area of the Kalahari Desert in what is now Botswana where she spent most of her childhood. As a teenager she boarded at St Mary's School, Johannesburg. The family left Africa in 1961 and moved to London, where Carolyn later worked as an advertising copywriter. Whilst working at Doubleday she met and married Kemp Battle, an American and moved to the United States in 1986. Now divorced she works as a psychotherapist in Lawrenceville, New Jersey having received a degree in Psychology from Thomas Edison State College and an MSW from Rutgers University in 2003. She lives in an 1860 Second Empire house which she believes to be haunted by a 'blue ghost'.

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