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Edward B. Shils Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania

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According to Wikipedia, Cary Coglianese is the Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he is also director of the Penn Program on Regulation. Career Coglianese specializes in the study of regulation and regulatory processes with a particular emphasis on the empirical evaluation of alternative regulatory strategies and the role of disputes, negotiation, and business-government relations in regulatory policy making. He founded and is the faculty advisor to The Regulatory Review, a daily source of regulatory, news, analysis and opinion. He also created, a site dedicated to technological and institutional issues related to e-rulemaking and which makes research papers, policy documents, and conference materials accessible to those interested in the use of information technology in the regulatory process. Together with John Braithwaite and David Levi-Faur, Coglianese served as a founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Regulation & Governance.

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