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According to Wikipedia, Charles Calvin Pixley was the 34th Surgeon General of the United States Army, serving in that capacity from October 1, 1977 to September 20, 1981. Early life Pixley was born in Grants Pass, Oregon. While studying at the University of Oregon, he enlisted in the United States Navy on June 6, 1942. Pixley completed his B.A. degree in 1943 and was accepted to medical school. Released from his Navy commitment, he enlisted in the Army on February 29, 1944. Pixley earned his M.D. degree from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1947 and later completed an M.S. degree in surgery at Baylor University. He received a commission as a first lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve on January 20, 1947 and was integrated into the Regular Army in that grade on September 4, 1948.

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