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Chien-Ying Chang

British painter


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Chien-Ying Chang was a Chinese-born painter who settled in Britain in 1946.Early life Chien-Ying Chang was the daughter of a customs official and attended Wuxi secondary school, after which she studied Art at the Nanjing University between 1931 and 1935. At Nanjing she met her future husband, Cheng-Wu Fei. Influenced by Xu Beihong, she helped him found the China Institute of Fine Arts in Chongqing. He had studied western painting techniques in London after the First World War, and urged her to do so too. She and Cheng-Wu Fei subsequently won British Council grants to study in Britain, both enrolling at the Slade School of Art from 1947–50 and working under Randolph Schwabe and William Coldstream.

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Nanjing University

Public university in Nanjing, China