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According to Wikipedia, Christopher Iloba Chalokwu is a United States citizen born in Nigeria. An academic with entrepreneurial vision, Chalokwu has an abiding interest in education reform and the educational achievement of under-represented groups. Chalokwu holds a PhD. in geology and geochemistry. Chalokwu is a respected contributor to geological societies based in North America and Africa, such as the Geological Society of America and the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society. Chalokwu was the first full tenured black professor of Auburn University, as well as the founding Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Benedict College. Chalokwu currently serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Geochemistry and Physical Science at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Chalokwu founded Medical Assay Laboratory, Inc and serves as the Laboratory Director, as well as founding its subsidiary, Medical Assay Phlebotomy.

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