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American businessman and racehorse owner

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According to Wikipedia, Christopher Chenery was an American engineer, businessman, and the owner/breeder of record for Thoroughbred horse racing's U.S. Triple Crown champion Secretariat. Early life and career Christopher Chenery, the son of Ida and James Chenery, was born in Richmond and raised in Ashland, Virginia. He had three brothers, William Ludlow Chenery, who became editor of Collier's, Dr. Alan Chenery, and Charles Morris Chenery. Chenery's sister was Blanche Chenery Perrin, a writer of novels and children's books centered on horse racing, such as Born To Race. As a child, Chenery visited relatives at the farm in Doswell, Virginia known as The Meadow where he learned to ride. This was the farm where he later founded Meadow Stable and where Secretariat was born.

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