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Clark Hewett Galloway

American journalist


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Colonel Clark Hewett Galloway was an American newspaper and magazine editor, Latin American affairs expert and colonel in the United States Army.Journalism career Galloway worked on newspapers in Fort Morgan and Fort Collins, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, Omaha, Nebraska, and Cedar Rapids and Council Bluffs, Iowa. In Council Bluffs, Galloway was the managing editor of the Council Bluffs Nonpareil. He joined the staff of the Washington bureau of the Associated Press in July 1938, and remained there until March 1941, when he was ordered to active military duty. Upon leaving active military service in November 1945, he joined the U.S. News Publishing Corp., where he served as editor of Latin American and Canadian news; first for United States News, then for World Report, and finally, for the combined magazine, U.S. News and World Report. During his career, Galloway interviewed and wrote about some of the most influential figures in Latin America, including Fidel Castro and Juan Peron.

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Liberal arts college in Mount Vernon, Iowa

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