Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson

American weapons developer


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Cody Rutledge Wilson is an American crypto-anarchist, free-market anarchist, and gun-rights activist. He is best known as a founder and director of Defense Distributed, a non-profit organization that develops and publishes open source gun designs, so-called "wiki weapons", suitable for 3D printing and digital manufacture. He is a co-founder of the Dark Wallet bitcoin storage technology. Defense Distributed gained international notoriety in 2013 when it published plans online for the Liberator, a functioning pistol that could be reproduced with a 3D printer.

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Ohio University
Ohio University

Public university in Athens, Ohio, United States

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Purdue University
Purdue University

Public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States

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University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin

Public research university in Austin, Texas, United States

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University of Central Arkansas
University of Central Arkansas

University in the United States

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