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According to Wikipedia, Colia L. Liddell Lafayette Clark is an American activist and politician. Clark was the Green Party's candidate for the United States Senate in New York in 2010 and 2012. Clark is a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power movement, and Pan-African movement. She was a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and played a key role establishing equal voting rights in Selma, Alabama. She was also an organizer with the Birmingham campaign, as well as throughout Mississippi. Her work has included activism in the fields of women's rights and workers' rights, as well as activism and advocacy for homeless people and youth. She worked with the Cynthia McKinney for President campaign, with "Power to the People". Clark is a member of the Reconstruction Party , and is a chair of Grandmothers for the Release of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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