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Cornelia Gillyard

American organic chemist


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Cornelia Denson Gillyard is an American organic chemist known for her work with chemicals in the environment.Early life and education The eldest of three children, Gillyard was born on February 1, 1941 in Talladega, Alabama to a steel worker and a nurse. When she was young, Gillyard was involved with the local 4-H club, singing in the school chorus, cheerleading, and taking part in science fairs. At one such fair Gillyard and her partner won a prize for a wooden replica they made of a human skeleton. While in high school, Gillyard became very interested in chemistry. After graduating as valedictorian, she received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Talladega College. Her senior project bridged chemistry and human health as she studied nuts and their nutrient contents as related to human growth.

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Clark University

American private university and liberal arts college in Worcester, Massachusetts

Spelman College

Historically Black women's college in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Talladega College

Alabama's oldest private historically black college

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