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Craig Q. Timberlake


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Major General Craig Q. Timberlake is a Marine Corps officer. He is currently the Director of the Manpower Management Division.Career Craig Timberlake joined the Marine Corps in May 1977. He was commissioned in August 1984 and later graduated from Mary Washington College, which is in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1989. Previously, he was the deputy commander of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Forces Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Timberlake was nominated for appointment to the rank of major general by the Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, and was promoted. Timberlake at the time was serving as the director of manpower management in Quantico, Virginia. He also served in Afghanistan. He was most recently the commanding general of the Third Marine Division.

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University of Mary Washington

Public university in Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States