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Daisy Maud Bellis

American painter


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Daisy Maud Bellis was an American painter.Bellis was a native of Waltham, Massachusetts; her birthplace has also been given as Branford, Connecticut, where she later lived. She studied at the Massachusetts College of Art, the University of Vermont, and the Breckenridge School of Painting, and had further lessons at institutions in Montreal and Paris. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1936. Bellis was involved with the Works Progress Administration for some of her career, painting around eighty pieces for the Federal Arts Project; these were executed mainly in oils and watercolor, and were parceled out to the Laurel Heights, Undercliff, and Cedarcrest Sanatoria, the Connecticut State Farm for Women at Niantic, the Middlesex County Temporary Home, and Fairfield Hills Hospital. She also taught art under the auspices of the WPA. During her career she also taught art at Salem College and at Macdonald College of McGill University. The Connecticut State Library has cataloged much of her work.

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Building in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

University of Vermont

Public research university in Burlington, Vermont, USA

McGill University

English-language public research university in Montreal, Quebec