David Walliams
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David Walliams

English comedian, writer and actor


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David Edward Williams , known professionally as David Walliams, is an English comedian, actor, writer, and television personality. He is best known for his work with Matt Lucas on the BBC sketch comedy series Rock Profile , Little Britain , and Come Fly With Me . Since 2012, Walliams has been a judge on the television talent show competition Britain’s Got Talent on ITV. He is also a writer of children’s books, having sold more than 37 million copies worldwide.

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University of Bristol
University of Bristol

Research university located in Bristol, United Kingdom

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  • Ratburger
  • Demon Dentist
  • Gangsta Granny
  • Billionaire Boy
  • Mr Stink
  • The Boy in the Dress
  • Grandpa's Great Escape
  • Awful Auntie

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