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Japanese actor, musician, model, film director, influencer and DJ

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According to Wikipedia, , better known as , is a Japanese actor, singer-songwriter, musician, model and film director. He is a talent of Amuse, Inc. Biography Dean Fujioka was born in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Moving with his family, he grew up in Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture. Although Fujioka is multilingual and made his debut in a Chinese fashion show, he has clarified in some interviews and variety shows that his parents and grandparents are all Japanese, who used to work or live in foreign countries. Raised in such a family, he grew determined to explore the world himself. After graduating from Chiba Prefectural Funabashi High School, Fujioka majored in IT at a community college in Seattle, USA. After graduating from college, he traveled to different countries in Asia and came into contact with various ethnicities, cultures and languages.

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