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Dietrich C. Smith

American politician


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Dietrich Conrad Smith was a U.S. Representative from Illinois.Biography Born in East Frisia, Hanover, , Smith immigrated to the United States with his parents, who settled in Pekin, Illinois, about 1850. He attended the public schools of Pekin, Illinois, and Quincy College , Quincy, Illinois. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army as lieutenant in Company I, Eighth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He left the service as captain of Company C, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was an organizer of the German College at Mount Pleasant in 1874. He served as member of board of trustees of that institution for many years. He served as member of the State house of representatives 1876-1878. He engaged in banking and manufacturing and also in the construction and management of railroads in Illinois.

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Quincy University

Located in Quincy, Illinois