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According to Wikipedia, Doris Howell was an American physician who specialized in pediatric oncology. She became known as the "mother of hospice," for her pioneering work in palliative care. Early life and education Howell was born in Brooklyn, New York. She was born prematurely, and was placed in a "shoebox, in my Institutions Medical College of Pennsylvania Duke University School of Medicine Harvard Medical School grandmother's home on the top shelf of the old kitchen stove,". Her father died when she was two years old. Her step father was from Hungary. She grew up in Baldwin, New York. As a young child, she was treated for mastoiditis, and decided that she wanted to become a nurse. She was an undergraduate at Park University. She moved to McGill University for her graduate studies, where she studied medicine. She originally thought that she would train in psychiatry, but changed her mind after a bad experience on a ward. She moved to Children's Memorial Hospital to complete an internship in pediatric medicine. In 1951, she joined Duke University School of Medicine as an assistant resident in pediatrics. Howell was a research fellow in oncology at Harvard Medical School, where she was based in the laboratory of Louis Diamond. At the time, the pathologist was Sidney Farber, who was leading research into the leukemia drugs methotrexate and amethopterin.

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