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Ed Macauley

American basketball player and coach


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Charles Edward Macauley was a professional basketball player. His playing nickname was "Easy Ed."Macauley spent his prep school days at St. Louis University High School, then went on to Saint Louis University, where his team won the NIT championship in 1948. He was named the AP Player of the Year in 1949. Macauley played in the NBA with the St. Louis Bombers, Boston Celtics, and St. Louis Hawks. Macauley was named MVP of the first NBA All-Star Game , and was named to the NBA's All-NBA First Team three consecutive seasons. He was named to the All-NBA second team once, in 1953–54—the same season he led the league in field goal percentage. Macauley's trade to St. Louis brought Bill Russell to the Celtics. In the two years he coached with the Hawks, he led them to an 89–48 record, with a 9–11 playoff record. After retiring, he became sports director of KTVI, then the ABC affiliate in his native St. Louis.

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Saint Louis University

Private research university with campuses in St. Louis, Missouri, and Madrid, Spain