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According to Wikipedia, Edward Francis Leopold Brech was a British management consultant, and author of management theory and practice books, known for his work on the history of management. Life and work Brech was born in Kennington to a Hungarian father, who worked as catering manager, and a Bavarian mother. After grammar school, Brech was selected by the Roman Catholic bishop of Southwark to be educated as priest. At that time there was a pilot scheme, that required a university graduation before entering the church. In 1929 Brech obtained his BA in humanities at the London University, declined priesthood, and continued to study economics at London University obtaining his BA in 1932. At the age of 85 Brech earned his doctorate in British management history through Britain's Open University, where he also was a Visiting Research Fellow. In 2004 he was awarded a higher doctorate for his historical research.

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