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Edward A. O'Neal

Confederate Army general and 26th governor of Alabama


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Edward Asbury O'Neal was a Confederate officer during the American Civil War and the 26th Governor of Alabama.Early life and career O'Neal was born in Madison County, Alabama, to Edward and Rebecca Wheat O'Neal. His father was a native of Ireland, and his mother was a South Carolinian of French Huguenot ancestry. O'Neal's father died when his son was three months old. After receiving an academic education, including English literature and the classics, O'Neal graduated from LaGrange College in 1836 at the top of his class with the degree of bachelor of arts. In 1838, he married Olivia Moore, the daughter of Dr. Alfred Moore, and they had nine children. O'Neal studied law with James W. McClung and was admitted to the bar in 1840.

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LaGrange College

College in Georgia, United States

University of North Alabama

University in Florence, Alabama, USA