Elizabeth B. Andrews

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American congresswoman for Alabama

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According to Wikipedia, Elizabeth Bullock Andrews was the first woman to represent Alabama in the United States House of Representatives. She was the wife of congressman George William Andrews. Biography Born Leslie Elizabeth Bullock in Geneva, Alabama to Charles Gillespie Bullock and Janie Aycock, Andrews attended Geneva public schools. She earned a B.S. in home economics from Montevallo College , Montevallo, Alabama, in 1932. She went on to become a high school teacher at Livingston, Alabama. She later took a teaching job in Union Springs for the better pay during the Depression. This is where she met her husband, George William Andrews. They married on November 25, 1936 and had two children, Jane and George, Jr. The marriage lasted more than 35 years until his death of complications from heart surgery on December 25, 1971.

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